Frequently Asked Question S

What is a.........?

Drag Suit - The second (or more) swim suit worn to increase drag in the water.   This is like using weights when walking, or weighting a bat in warm up.  It makes the swimmer work harder in practice, and feel "lighter and faster" in the meets, when only one, skin-tight, suit is worn.

DQ - Disqualification (swimmer’s time isn’t official).

Heat Sheet - A list of swimmers competing in each event, ordered by heats. Heats usually get progressively faster (i.e., the last heat to swim each event usually has the fastest swimmers based on seed time).

Long Course - Generally, the summer swim season, usually in 50 meter pools, though occasionally there will be a 25 yard pool.   Very often outdoor pools are used.  Shortest event is a 50 meter distance.

Meters versus Yards - Pools are constructed in two measurement dimensions.   Meters, as in the metric system, and yards.  Meters are used for all international meets, and many other meets.  Long course is often held in meter pools.    Yards are found in short course, and local pools.  25 meters and 50 meters are longer than 25 and 50 yards.

N.T. - NT (no time) after a swimmer’s name on heat sheets or psych sheets indicates that the swimmer does not yet have an officially recorded time in the event .

Psych Sheet - At all positive-check-in meets, you can pick up (for ~$3) a listing that tells you all the events and all swimmers in each event: the swimmer with the fastest seed time is listed first and the swimmer with the slowest seed time is listed last.  While the psych sheet does tell you all the events your child will swim in, it does not tell you precisely which heat your child is in.  (Some meets are not positive-check-in, at those meets you can buy a heat sheet ... see the definition of heat sheet).  Heat sheets and Psych sheets are very helpful for following a meet.

Seed Time - The best time a swimmer has in an event. That time is submitted by the coach when entering swimmers for a meet. It will determine where a swimmer is "seeded" in that particular race. However, because entry forms are often due weeks before a meet, a swimmer’s seed time might not necessarily be their best time any more by the time a meet takes place.

Short Course - Generally, the fall through spring swim season.  Meets are held indoors, in 25 yard pools.  Shortest event is a 25 yard distance.